Our Mission and Values

We want to be a church that is relevant today.  A family, a community, a people who show Jesus by their actions...where words and actions merge as we serve Stevenage.

Jesus healed the sick, looked after the poor and showed compassion to those who were struggling.  We want to do the same, by doing the same things.  People should see our actions and not just hear our words.

The Vineyard church believes that love is something you do.  This means offering help to those in need, providing a bag of food for those who are hungry, a place where people don’t have to feel lonely, praying for the sick and even providing relief from debt.

We believe it is important to be relevant and accessible to people, so we use modern music and on Sunday morning someone will speak about something that is relevant to what we are going through in our lives.  We also believe in friendship and a place that people can call home, so we also meet during the week often in smaller groups.  This is great as it helps us to get to know people better and make proper friendships.  It also acts as a place where, if you are struggling, you can speak to someone who cares.

Putting it simply, the Vineyard is a bunch of people trying to do what Jesus did and we want to do it in a style that is relevant, a style that people can relate to.

If you want more information about what we believe you can click here to the Vineyard statement of Faith.