Lead a Small Group

Have you led a group in the past, either here or at another church, and feel like now is the time to lead again? Or maybe you’ve never led any kind of group before, but feel prompted to step out and lead or co-lead, for the first time.

Leading is often part of the discipleship journey. As a growing family, we are always looking for new leaders we can invest in. If you decide to help lead a Small Group, we'll make sure you receive leadership training, resourcing and your own Overseer who will work with you to grow and develop both yourself and your group.  We believe in a high bar for leadership and a low threshold for ministry as 'everyone gets to play'.  A leader should have a servants heart and a desire to put God first.  Indicators of this include regular and consistent financial giving, serving in some capacity in the church and are or have regularly been involved in a small group.

We’re passionate about Small Groups and the critical role they play in discipleship here at Stevenage Vineyard. If you have any questions or want to talk a bit more about what leading a group could mean you can speak with either Dave and Lianne Holmes or Daniel Barnes.  Or you can get in touch by sending a message.