Small Groups

What’s the Current Situation?

In response to the restrictions surrounding Covid-19, and everyone needing to self-isolate, we're running small groups slightly differently at the moment.

We really want to give everyone the opportunity to stay connected as much as possible, so have transformed a lot of our existing groups to make them accessible online. There's still lots going on, such as: Song Writing, Bible Studies, Fitness Groups and Social Groups. They're all really easy to navigate to, and we'll happily guide you through any technical bits.

Whether you've recently found us whilst we've been streaming our Sunday service online, or if you've been coming to church for a while and would like to re-connect, there's never been a better time to get involved!

Get in Touch

Not currently in a small group? Send us a message or email

We'll get in touch with you about the most suitable groups and get you connected with the leaders!