Small Groups

Small groups are the engine room of the church. It’s here that you make friends, feel involved in the Stevenage Vineyard, grow and do “life” with one another all in a safe place.

At the Stevenage Vineyard we really encourage participation. We are committed to being more than simply a group of people who gather together and just watch on a Sunday. Small Groups are a great way of doing this. Jesus was in a small group. Just saying….

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Our small groups run in three terms in Autumn, Spring and Summer. This allows everyone to sign up for groups at the same time, 3 times a year. At the start of each term you’ll be able to choose which group you want to join. At the end of each term you’ll be able to freely change to another group if you desire. It is our hope that you would find some meaningful relationships with others and a deeply impacting relationship with Jesus along the way.

There are four different types of groups on offer: General, Interest, Life Stages, and Courses. These groups will be led by incredible leaders who will focus their groups around their own interests and passions. You will find the times and locations of the groups, and the activities that the groups gather around will be as diverse as the people leading them. There will be groups that suit specific life-stages, groups that meet around a common interest, groups that work through a book or course, or general groups open to all.

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