Getting involved

If you have decided that Stevenage Vineyard is the Church family for you, the best way to feel at home is to get involved with us. Over the years we have found several things that help people get connected.

Attend Regularly

The key to knowing what is going on and feeling part of the life of our church is to be with us on Sundays. So do come regularly and engage with Jesus and each other in our Sunday services.

For more information, click on our Sunday Service page.

Serve on a team

Find somewhere to serve on a Sunday team. This is one of the quickest ways to connect to other people and feel part of our church community.

For more information, click on our Serving page.


Give a portion of your income regularly. Anything that is important to us in life we give money to. The Bible teaches that if we want to be part of what God is doing, we should give to the Church. We want to be a generous church providing the resources to demonstrate God’s love generously to others. Giving your money along with others helps make that possible.

For more information, click on our Giving page.