Sunday Mornings


If you can't make it in person, you can now access our Sunday service through a YouTube live stream. Join us online, Sundays at 11am, or catch up any time via our YouTube channel.

We're now back in person, meeting in the auditorium at The Nobel School. If you've seen us online and you want to visit us, then you're more than welcome. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Nobel School

Where are we?

On Sundays, we meet in the auditorium at the Nobel School (Mobbsbury Way│Stevenage│SG2 0HS). Follow the signs and you'll see us there!



From 10:30am, prior to the start of the service at 11:00am, you'll have a chance to grab a cup of tea or coffee, a biscuit (whilst we can't do doughnuts!), or look at some of the information on the board about what is going on in the church. We do this because it gives us a chance to say "hi", if maybe it's your first time, and also a chance to catch up with friends. We like to think we're fairly welcoming so if you do come on your own, it's likely you won't be sitting on your own for long. It's our experience that people come to church for Jesus, but stay for the relationships. A coffee and a doughnut is great way of doing this.

What to expect?

We start the service at 11:00am with about 25-30 minutes of contemporary worship which is followed by a short welcome, the offering and any notices.

After worship, the children go to Vineyard Kids pre-school-year 6.  We also have an unmanned Creche for parents and children 0-preschool. In the main hall there will be a talk based on the Bible and our experiences of following Jesus. At the end of the talk there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to be prayed for.

We aim to make our Sunday service as accessible and inclusive as is possible. We hope that you enjoy coming along and feel at home here. If you have any questions and we can help you in any way, then Get in Touch.


Worship is one of our core values. Intimacy, accessibility and authenticity to God are expressions that are vital to what we do and are often expressed best through music. 

We realise how important it is for our music to be relevant and accessible to people as the goal of our worship is to get to where God is. It is a stepping stone into the presence of God. That’s why a standard Sunday morning will probably look like a normal band, with guitars, drums, bass, etc. We’ll probably sing for about 25 minutes, give or take, and the songs we use will be a mixture of faster and slower ones. Some you may have heard before, some may be new to you, but there will always be words so that you can follow along. Here’s an example of some of the songs we sing.

Any songs that we write ourselves are written out of an expression and a desire to know and experience God more. Our founder, John Wimber, said that “Our worship leaders should be ministers first and musicians second”.

Worship provides an outlet as well as a focal point not only for our expressions to God, but also for God to bless us and show us he is real. Don’t be surprised if you feel the presence of God as you start to participate with the worship.