East Anglia Area

There are eight Vineyard churches in our area (East Anglia) which stretches all the way from Stevenage to Norwich. This allows us to share all sorts of resources and events that help us grow and be part of the wider Vineyard Church. All are designed to get to know other people better and equip us in a relevant way.

  • YOUTH – fun days, worship schools or even conferences that develop new friendships.
  • YOUNG ADULTS – especially those in the 20-30′s age group (or close to that age), socials, quiz nights or even local conferences are on the menu.
  • THE HUB – whether it’s a team, a couple or an individual, we train and equip people with the tools for the job either as leaders or before they start their own church.
  • PASTORS – for those who are continually giving out and envisioning others. Retreats, coaching, leadership development, theology evenings and even meals together.
  • EVERYONE – events that enlarge and excite our faith, to widen the horizon, be it live worship recordings, overseas missions or conferences on specific topics. Sooner or later it’s catered for.