Where do your gifts go?

We give to God because he has given so much to us. It is because of the financial tithes, offerings and gifts that are given by the community of Stevenage Vineyard that we can practically show God's love to other local charities and organisations. On a practical level, we couldn't do "church" on a Sunday or beyond without the generosity of the people who support us.

As a church, we believe in being generous and so regularly give and support causes that do not benefit Stevenage Vineyard.  Even in these financially difficult times, at least 10% of the general giving to Stevenage Vineyard is given away to support a number of other causes, such as Care for Cambodia, Homestart, The Haven, Foodshed as well other people and organisations in need and not least supporting those in debt through CAP.

Safeguards Against Mismanagement
  • We have a board of Director/Trustees who are responsible for governing the overall finances.
  • All employees of the church are subject to specific financial policies.
  • We are subject to the laws governing companies and registered charities.
  • Accounts are audited annually and available to the church.
  • Accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission.
Financial Updates

Please click the links below to open the financial updates in a new window.

Financial Update 2018

Financial Update 2017