How to Give

IMPORTANT: We are not a club where you have to pay fees in order to attend. It is totally free! However, giving is another way to worship God and is also the way the church manages to operate. We would not exist without your sacrificial giving! Please visit our 'Why do we Give?' page if you'd like to find out more on what the Bible says about giving.

1:  Giving Online

You can give online via bank transfer through your own bank straight to us (details below). This is our favourite way because there are no charges to anyone - so we receive the full amount you give! Please don't forget to Gift Aid too, there's a form that you can fill in at the bottom of this page.

  • Account Name Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Stevenage
  • Barclays Bank
  • Sort Code 20-41-12
  • Account No 8055 8540
  • Please use one of the following references when you make a payment:
    • T&G if it's your tithe, a gift or part of your general giving
    • SVPF if it's for our 'Stevenage Vineyard Property Fund'
    • FOODSHED if it's a donation towards our foodbank service.
    • SMDA to support the work of the Stevenage Money and Debt Advice service

2:  Standing Order

Standing orders allow you to give a regular, set amount either weekly or monthly, until a date that you provide. It's the best way to give if you'd like to be consistent with your giving. To give by standing order, please complete the relevant sections of our 'Giving Form' (please Gift Aid too if you can!) and either post or email it to us. Alternatively you can fill in an envelope on a Sunday morning and put it in the giving basket.

3:  Cheque

All cheques should be made payable to 'Stevenage Vineyard' and please reference what your gift is for on the back.

4: Fundraising

We have a Virgin Money account that is set up for people to pay directly into. There is a charge on the amount that you give, so we prefer regular tithes and offerings by bank transfer or standing order, however this is another way that you can give. It's ideal for fundraising events, so if this is something that you'd like to do for us, then please do get in contact.

5. Foodshed

We understand people want to give just to Foodshed and support the work we are doing in the community. If this is you, please make sure the donation is referenced so that the gift is restricted for Foodshed use only. 

Please Gift Aid!

If you're a taxpayer then do take advantage of the Government’s Gift Aid Scheme! We just need a few details from you to be able to claim, so please fill in one of our Gift Aid forms and send it back to us either by post or email. You'll only need to complete the form once. By doing this, you will enable us to reclaim the basic rate tax you have paid on any gifts you make to us - that’s a further £25 on a gift of £100 - and at no extra cost to you!

Please download our 'Giving Form', fill in the relevant sections, and send it to the church office.

Please keep us up to date with any change in circumstances, for example if you stop paying tax, change address or no longer want us to keep your details on record.