Giving Guidelines

We use five helpful guidelines about giving from the bible (1 Corinthians 16;1-6) and have in place safeguards against any possible mismanagement.

Giving regularly: Choose a set time interval for your giving e.g. weekly or monthly.

Giving individually: Everyone is invited to participate.

Giving systematically: Let your giving be thoughtfully planned.

Giving in proportion to your income: The proportion is far more significant than the amount.

Giving to the church: Our primary commitment is to the church to be administered by them.

The church gives away at least 10% of it’s income. Read more info here about where the money is spent.

Safeguards Against Mismanagement

  • We have a board of Director/Trustees who are responsible for governing the overall finances.
  • All employees of the church are subject to specific financial policies.
  • We are subject to the laws governing companies and registered charities.
  • Accounts are audited annually and available to the church.
  • Accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission.


IMPORTANT: We are not a club where you have to pay fees in order to attend. It is totally free! However this is the way the church manages to operate and would not exist without your sacrificial giving. Give Here