This church is entirely financed through generous, regular giving from the congregation. Every Vineyard church is financially autonomous and survives and thrives independently of the UK association.

We are Committed to Giving in thankfulness to God and recognition that everything we have comes from him. It is our conscious and free decision to give back to him in token of our immense gratitude for our own daily provision.

Giving to the Church is our primary way of giving to God for his work through this faith community—both locally and beyond. Enabling him to bring faith, hope, healing and the love of his son Jesus to our broken and hurting world.

Committed, Special and Spontaneous Giving
Committing to giving a proportion of our personal income regularly to the church is an important part of following Jesus. In Old Testament times, God’s people always gave the first tenth of their entire income, (known as a tithe) for the Lord’s work (Leviticus 27:30) And when Jesus came he affirmed this practice. (Matt 23:23) So as a guideline we take 10% of our income as a starting point and aim to give even more as we are able.

This is our Commitment - our baseline giving - and we have found that God cares extravagantly for those who give in this way. (Mal 3:10). Jesus also encouraged his followers to exceed the requirements of the religious law in every way (Matt 5:17-20) and to give freely and generously.

Special ‘offerings’ are the extra gifts we give to other individuals, charities or organizations in addition to the tithe to the church.

Spontaneous gifts are those ‘acts of righteousness’ that we do from time to time as we are prompted by God. (Matt 6:1-4)

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